Monday 3.27
Tuesday 3.28
Wednesday 3.29
Thursday 3.30
Friday 3.31

SWBAT: Determine central ideas and themes with regard to political institutions of Iran

Do Now:

1. Students discuss Political Institutions of Iran
2. Compare and Contrast Iran institutions to the AP6.
3. Using PPT check for understanding and discussion.
4. How does Iran’s political structure compare to other AP6?

Read pp. And SG Part 4 due Wednesday

SWBAT: Compare and contrast differing views of social cleavages in Iran based on multiple sources.

1. Explain the difference between coinciding cleavages and cross cutting cleavages.

1.In groups, students will research a variety of social cleavages in Iran using the website:
2. Students will evaluate and explain the three most critical cleavages in Iran.
3. Using the PPT explain social cleavages.
4. Students will compare and contrast the website and text concerning significant social cleavages.
5. What are the cross-cutting cleavages? What are coinciding cleavages?

Homework: Read pp. And SG pt. 4 Due Wednesday

SWBAT: Analyze multiple sources with regard to Iranian public policy

Do Now:
What is Iran’s current relationship with the US? The World?

1. What are the most significant public policy issues facing Iran today?

Students research the following for Stay and Stray. Present findings on butcher paper
Conservatism vs. Reformist
Statists vs. Free marketers
Economic Issues
Foreign Affairs
Nuclear Energy

Students share out during stay and stray

Homework: Read Foreign Relations pp. And Study for Test/Vocab

SWBAT: Analyze and discuss key material in preparation for Iran Test

Do Now:
If you were US secretary of state, what would be your stance on Iran (friend or foe)? How would you work to improve relations with Iran?

1. Discuss Do Now
2. Review SG and Vocab.
3. Review game for Iran test (4 Corners)

Study for Iran test

SWBAT: Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source; provide an accurate summary that makes clear the relationships among the key details and ideas.

Do Now/Agenda:

Iran Test

Complete Intro to Nigeria/Read pp. And SG pt. 1 Nigeria