Monday 3.20
Tuesday 3.21
Wednesday 3.22
Thursday 3.23
Friday 3.24

SWBAT: Analyze multiple sources to describe the making of the modern Iranian state.

Do Now: What is the difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims?

1.Quickly go over intro to Iran Chart in groups.
2. Discuss the making of the modern Iranian state using PPT and group discussion.
3. Can a rentier state be representative or legitmate?

Read w/Vocab. Pp.
And SG Part. 2 Due Thursday

SWBAT: Develop claim(s) and counterclaims fairly and thoroughly, supplying the most relevant data and evidence for each while pointing out the strengths and limitations of both claim(s) and counterclaims in a discipline-appropriate form that anticipates the audience's knowledge level, concerns, values, and possible biases.

Vertical Alignment Assessment

HMWK: Read: Supreme Leader and annotate


SWBAT: Determine central ideas and themes based on documentary

SWBAT: Evaluate authors' differing points of view on the same historical event or issue by assessing the authors' claims, reasoning, and evidence.

Do Now: Does the Supreme Leader of Iran compare to any other position in the AP6? In the world?

1. __Watch Iran and the West Documentary__

2. Answer accompanying questions
3. Turn in questions

HMWK: Due Thursday-Read w/Vocab pp. And SG Part 2
Respond thoughtfully to diverse perspectives; synthesize comments, claims, and evidence regarding how Iran is governed

Do Now:
Is Iran truly a theocracy? Is it even possible?

1. Using Chromebooks students go to the BBC website and research __“How Iran is Ruled”__

2. In groups, students respond to a series of questions regarding the Theocratic/Semi-Presidential structure of the Iran government.

3. Students discuss findings and compare results to other AP6 countries.

HMWK: Read w. Vocab pp. And SG Part 3/Study for Vocab/Reading Quiz Due Monday

SWBAT: Determine central ideas and themes with regard to political institutions of Iran

Do Now:

1. Students discuss Political Institutions of Iran
2. Compare and Contrast Iran institutions to the AP6.
3. Using PPT check for understanding and discussion.

Read w. Vocab pp. And SG Part 3/CEAR due Monday