Monday, March 6
SWBAT: Analyze multiple texts to evaluate significant historical events.
SWBAT: Explain political institutions of Mexico based on analysis of the Mexican Constitution.
Do Now:
1.Students share CEAR with members of the group.
2. Using PPT discuss key points concerning the development of the modern Mexican state.
3. Answer essential questions regarding Mexico:
>What were the effects of colonization?
>Describe the Mexican revolution. How does it compare to the Russian Revolution?
>What were the effects of the PRI in Mexico?
4. Mexican Constitution analysis
>Students analyze branches of government and structure.
>How does the Mexican constitution compare to the Russian constitution?

HWK: Read pp. 586-606 with Log. SG Pt. 3 due Tues.

Tuesday, March 7
SWBAT: Explain political institutions of Mexico based on analysis of the Mexican Constitution.
Do Now:
1. Vocab Quiz
1. Branches of the Mexican government with special attention to the executive branch.
>EQ: How does the Mexican executive compare to that of Russia?
2. Elections and Political parties/MIlitary
>Does Mexico have a good system of checks and balances? How does it compare to Russia? China? GB?
3. Use PPT to ensure students understand.
4.Exit ticket: Does Mexico have a stable government?

HWK: Read 606-612 with Vocab; SG Pt. 4 due Friday.

Wednesday, March 8
SWBAT: Compare and contrast differing views of social cleavages in Mexico based on multiple sources.
1. Explain the difference between coinciding cleavages and cross cutting cleavages.
1.In groups, students will research a variety of social cleavages in Mexico using the website:
2. Students will evaluate and explain the three most critical cleavages in Mexico.
3. Using the PPT explain social cleavages.
4. Students will compare and contrast the website and text concerning significant social cleavages.
5. Discuss interest groups and participation.
Read pp. 612-618; SG Part 4 due Friday

Thursday, March 9
SWBAT: Evaluate differing points of view with regard to NAFTA.
1. Based on the two articles read last night, is NAFTA a good or bad deal for the US? Support your answer with evidence. What were the views of each author?
1.Do Now
2.Discuss student responses.
3.Political economics and crisis in Mexico.
4. Mexico and the US
>The Wall
Give students about 5 minutes to respond:
Is Mexico at fault for the large number of people immigrating to the US? Explain/Support your answer
Discuss student responses.
HWK: SG Part 4; All vocab

Friday, March 10
SWBAT:Respond thoughtfully to diverse perspectives; synthesize comments, claims, and evidence made on all sides of an issue; resolve contradictions when possible; and determine what additional information or research is required to deepen the investigation
Do Now:
Why would someone support Trump’s immigration policies toward Mexico?
1. Discuss student responses(5 mins.)
2. 4 Corners Mexico
-Students respond to a series of questions concerning Mexico based on SA, A, D, SD...and move to the 4 corners of the room based on responses. Students must be ready to share out based on responses, USING evidence and responding to other student’s views.
HWK: CEAR 2 and Is Mexico a Liberal Democracy?
Study for Test on Tuesday.