Monday 1.23
Tuesday 1.24
Wednesday 1.25
Thursday 1.26
Friday 1.27

SWBAT: Analyze and evaluate Russian society and social cleavages using a variety of resources.

Do Now:
FRQ Practice

1. Using __
Students will work in groups to identify and explain social cleavages in Russia
2. Share out and use PPT to ensure student understanding.
3. What are 3 problems facing Russian civil society that must be overcome?

HWK: SG Part 4 Due Wednesday/ Read pp. 246-256
Unit Test Thursday

SWBAT: To describe Russian foreign policy based on information from multiple sources.

Do Now:
Read: __

1. Discuss 7 Trends in Russian Foreign Policy in groups.
2. In groups students will be assigned to research current international issues facing Russia and will share out.
>Russia and Syria
>Russia and US
>Russia and Ukraine
>Russia and Europe
>Russia and CIS
3. Exit: What is the most significant issue facing Russia? How do you think this should be resolved?

HWK: SG Part 4/ Read pp. 246-256/ Unit Test Thursday

SWBAT: Discuss significance of Russian historical development, institutions, civil society, and public policy.

Vocab Practice

1. Go over do now
2. Conclude discussion of public policy
3. Review SG Part 4 as discussion Questions
4. Unit Test Review

HWK: Study for Test
Russia TEST