Monday 12.18
Tuesday 12.19
Wednesday 12.20
Thursday 12.21
Friday 1.13
SWBAT: Analyze and evaluate primary source documents and determine the central elements of Communism.

Do Now:
Explain your own words.

1.Do Now
2.Share out
3. Watch the following: __What is communism?__
Is this a good overview?
4. Discussion Questions from Ethel Wood

5. Exit Ticket: Revise your explanation.

HWK: Complete Reading guide and read pp. 191-197
SG Part 1 Due Thurs.

SWBAT: Analyze multiple texts to evaluate key demographic features of Russia as well as significant historical events.

1. Students analyze key facts from CIA World Fact book to analyze data on Russia.
2. Students will make 10 observations based on data and predict why the information is significant.
3. Students will work independently at first, then consult their group.

1. Do Now
2. Share out data findings
3. In groups students will research key historical events and analyze the significance of each.
Including relationship with Ukraine
4. Groups will share out key events as we CFU.
5.__Bolshevik Revolution__

HWK: SG Part 1 Thurs

SWBAT: Cite specific evidence from multiple texts concerning the historical development of the Russian state.

Do Now:
1. What were the causes of the Bolshevik revolution?
2. How did Lenin’s revolution differ from what Marx envisioned?

1.Share out Do Now questions.
2. Discuss the historical development of the state, utilizing slides
3. __Stalin’s totalitarian state.__
4. Failure of reform and collapse of the Soviet State
5. What were the causes and effects of the Russian Revolution?
6. __Crash Course Ukraine__

HWK; SG Part 1

SWBAT: Analyze the Russian constitution to explain political institutions of Russia

Do Now:
1. Vocab Quiz

1. In groups, students will read excerpts from the __Russian Constitution__ and complete a chart that explains Russian political institutions.
2. Additionally, students will answer questions in preparation for guided discussion on Thursday.
Questions are found on the Russian Constitution chart.
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