Monday 12.11
Tuesday 12.12
Wednesday 12.13
Thursday 12.14
Friday 12.15
SWBAT: Integrate information from secondary sources to gain understanding of British public policy.

Do NOW: Vocab review. Define the following: noblesse oblige, Euroskeptics, BBC, collective cabinet, collective responsibility, parliamentary sovereignty

1. Vocab review
2. __View: Auto Industry__

__Decline of Manufacturing__

3.Public policy discussion questions (see handout)
>Scholars answer questions. 4 min. Intervals.
>Discussion topics are economy, EU, US relations, terrorism

HMK: SG Part 5 Due Wed.
Test Thursday
SWBAT: Integrate information from a variety of sources to explain the EU.

Do Now: 1) Vocab review: Enlargement fatigue, monetary policy, free movement, farm subsidies
2) Explain one benefit of integration for EU member states.
3)Explain one reason an EU member-state might resist EU-sponsored integration.

1.Questions 1-4 of Part 5 of Study Guide. Students discuss.
2. __How the EU Works__
3. EU institutions (SG)
4. __UK and the EU: Better off out or in?__ Using Chromebooks

HMK: SG Part 5 Due Wed.Read 167-185
Test Thursday (don’t forget Vocab)
SWBAT: Integrate information from multiple sources to make informed decisions

Do NOW: FRQ on austerity measures

Fish Bowl:
Students will play in groups of 4-6 students.
Each team will compete against other groups.
Students draw out a term and the scholar must describe the term allowing teammates to guess. Each correct answer results in a point.
Incorrect answers or passes go back into the fishbowl.
Each team sees how many they can get in 40 secs.

Study for Test
SWBAT demonstrate mastery of UK material

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