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Tuesday, 11.14
Wednesday, 11.15
Thursday, 11.16
Friday, 11.17

SWBAT: Compare authoritarian and totalitarian regimes

SWBAT: Analyze competing theories for the emergence and perseverance of non-democratic regimes

Do Now:
>Explain non-democratic regimes

1. What is totalitarianism? What are the characteristics of a totalitarian state?

2. __

3. Students break into groups to discuss origins and sources of non-democratic rule.
>International Relations

Read pp. 301-313 with reading log

SWBAT: Explain how nondemocratic regimes maintain power

Do Now:
>Read, “China Tightens its grip…”
> Why does China control the internet? How?

1. Discuss Do Now
2. Coercion, Co-optation, Personality Cults, and Clientelism
>Students define and explain each. Provide examples

Watch Documentary on Control in North Korea.

SWBAT: Distinguish between various types of non-democratic regimes

Do Now:
>Define and explain coercion, corporatism, clientelism, and cult of personality
> Is fear or love a greater motivator?

Students research and present various types of non-democratic regimes:
> Military
> Personal Monarchial
>Illiberal and Hybrid Regimes

Students will be assigned a particular group and will research and present accordingly

Homework: Current Events Article Review

SWBAT: Distinguish between various types of non-democratic regimes

SWBAT: Understand the persistence of illiberal regimes despite the trend away from authoritarianism

Do Now:
Students watch short clip of Idi Amin to understand military dictatorship. Answer questions regarding Amin

>Conclude presentations from yesterday on models of non-democratic regimes

>Study Guide and study for test Monday.

SWBAT: Demonstrate mastery of material concerning economic and political systems

Do Now:
Unit 3 Test