Monday 11.6
Tuesday 11.7
Wednesday 11.8
Thursday 11.9
Friday 11.10
SWBAT: Analyze the benefits and drawbacks of both parliamentary and presidential systems AND evaluate which is better

Do Now:
Students read your claim to everyone in your group. Give peer feedback.

1. Share out best claims from each table
2. Divide class by presidential and parliamentary.
>Stage short debate on presidential vs. parliamentary.
>Each group state opening with claim
>Each group provide 3 strongest arguments using evidence.
>Closing statements

3. Semi-presidential systems
  • Clip

HMK: Read Political Parties and Electoral systems in O’Neill/Wood pp. 67-73
SWBAT: Explain linkage institutions and electoral systems using a variety of texts

Do Now:
Read Bielasiak Article and outline 3 types of electoral systems

1. Discuss 3 types of electoral systems in groups/Students share out.
2. Use PPT to ensure understanding
>Referendums and initiatives
3. What are linkage institutions and political parties? How are interest groups different from political parties?
>What are interest groups in US? Each group research one using Chromebooks.

HWK: Read Civil Rights and Civil Liberties O’Neill/Wood pp. 44-50
SWBAT: Explain the differences between civil rights and liberties using textual evidence from a variety of sources

Do Now;
What do you think is the most significant civil rights issue in US history? What is the most significant civil rights issue today?

1.Share out do now responses
2. __Crash Course__ and discuss
3. What are social cleavages?
>What is the difference between coinciding and cross-cutting?
>What are examples of social cleavages?

Democratization Quiz

SWBAT: Compare authoritarian and totalitarian regimes

SWBAT: Analyze competing theories for the emergence and perseverance of non-democratic regimes

Do Now:
>Democratization Qz
>Explain non-democratic regimes

1. What is totalitarianism? What are the characteristics of a totalitarian state?

2. __

3. Students break into groups to discuss origins and sources of non-democratic rule.
>International Relations

Read pp. 301-313 with reading log
Veterans Day/No School